Top Questions To Ask a Photographer Before Booking

Top Questions To Ask a Photographer Before Booking

After the wedding, the photographs and videos let you cherish the beautiful moments of your special day. A huge decision is choosing the right photographer who matches your style and can expertly capture those magical moments. A great wedding photographer does more than just take pictures thought, they are also there to help guide the day and make sure you enjoy yourself through the whole process..

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As you get to talking with them, here are some great questions you should be asking.

How long have you been a professional photographer

Experienced photographers have vast knowledge when it comes to posing you, and making you look your best. The longer they have been doing, the more venues they are familiar with as well. You should ask how many years they have been pro, and what they like best about those years.

However, hiring a wedding photographer with less experience is not necessarily a deal-breaker; it is something to consider when you make your final choice, and should also be reflected in the price.

Describe your wedding photography style

The wedding photographer could be the best in the business in terms of quality and skill, but if their style and aesthetic don’t match your wedding vision, they might not be a perfect fit for you and your partner. It is very important to choose your photographer based on their style fit with you, and not by price alone. A photographer who edits in a different style than what you are looking for most likely will not change their editing style to match your preference (or if they do, it may not look as good as another photographer who specializes in a different style). A few popular styles are “light & airy” and “dark & moody” and of course, everywhere in between.

Ask for a full wedding gallery

Typically a photographer will put their absolute best work on their website. These images might be from different weddings over a few different years. If you want to really get a feel for a wedding photographers work, ask got see a full gallery. This will show you the full range of a wedding day, and how the photographer captures the different parts of the day.

Do you like their personality and “vibe”

Wedding photographers are going to be by your side the whole entire day, usually for 10-12 hours! Its super important that you like them as a person! Ask yourself, “would I hang out with this person”. If the answer is No, then they might not be the right fit for you. It’s best to have a meeting with the photographer to get to know them a little bit. Ask them about their personal interests, what they like to do for fun, etc.

The backup plan is a must

Life is unpredictable, and when it comes to weddings, some things could happen unplanned. Ask your wedding photographer if they have the proper backup if unavailable due to some situation. From the day of the actual wedding to post-production, the photographer must take specific precautions. It could mean everything from having backup photographers on hand, carrying extra memory cards and backup camera equipment, to saving photos in multiple places after the wedding day.

What is included in the packages

Many wedding photographers offer different packages, including albums, prints, second shooters, engagement photos, and extra hours of coverage. Clarify the package inclusions within the quoted price and what add-ons will cost extra.

What is the turnaround time

Once you are done with your wedding day, the excitement of seeing your wedding photos builds up. Your wedding photographer will take the time to edit the pictures and get them back to you. However, knowing the upfront time frame is crucial, so you do not keep refreshing your email every hour (or bothering your photographer with unnecessary emails).


Once you get through the answers to all the crucial questions before you hire a wedding photographer, it should be easy for you to make a choice. Events Dragon is a one-stop destination if you are looking for the best wedding vendors. We will help you to connect with all of the best vendors you are looking for!

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